Your Northwoods Getaway

Guide service is available to our guests. Avid fishermen bring their own boats and gear and fish a variety of lakes and rivers while they enjoy the variety of the accommodations at Pine Cone Ranch. You are furnished an Aluma-Craft fishing boat with each cottage rental. Additional boats can also be rented. If you are a canoeist, we have those for you to rent. Children are often seen fishing from the paddle boat. Boat rentals available on neighboring waters. Boat landing for registered guests.

Nature lovers rejoice in the return of robins, loons, ducks and geese. Gardeners check the flower beds for the first signs of life, while kids splash home from school, antsy because the weather's warming up and summer vacation is tangibly near.

Fishermen who have been sorting their rubber worms and organizing their tackle boxes for months get serious about their preparations as the ice goes out; tuning outboards and prepping their fishing boats they're eager to launch.

The area boasts so much great weather, attracting thousands of fishermen. For the winter enthusiast pulling a fish through the ice adds and interesting dimension to their vacation.

Rentals Available!

Please request prior to arrival so that we may have your rental by your cabin!
  • Motors
  • Extra Boats
  • Life Vests: sizes infant to super size
  • Canoe
  • Kayak
  • Paddle Boat
  • Towel Service (summer months only)