Your Northwoods Getaway

This cabin is slightly off the water and utilizes the main dock. For sleeping it has three bedrooms and 3 beds. One bedroom has a king, the other two bedrooms have queen beds and queen sofa bed. This sheltered cabin is located on the woods in a setting of tall Norway and white pines. The large living room overlooks the playground on one side and the other overlooks the lake. This cottage is totally carpeted, has colored TV, VCR and cable. On the lakeside your windows slide by to give the feeling of sitting on a porch.

This cottage has 3 bedrooms with queen-size beds and davenport makes into a bed. The all modern bathroom and kitchen re much like yours. Kitchen is equipped with refrigerator/freezer, full size range and microwave.

A 14' Aluma-Craft fishing boat is included.


2022 ($375 deposit required )
Spring: $875 weekly $175 daily
Summer: $1250 weekly $250 daily
Fall: $1000 weekly $200 daily
Closed for the winter

The Base Rates include up to 4 Registered Guests. Guests over 4 are charged each 1 time, $50.00 per week or $15.00 daily rate 1 time. Prices subject to change. These rates do not apply on Special Dates.

Romantic Weekends:
Need satin sheets? Just ask!